• Booth Membership

    The members have their own booth and facilities.

    One-person Booth

    From 87,450 yen/month

    The number of booths


    Two-person Booth

    From 201,300 yen/month

    The number of booths


    Three-person Booth

    From 324,500 yen/month

    The number of booths


    Other Information
    Available time

    24-hours from Monday to Saturday
    Front desk is available during 9:00-22:00 on Monday to Friday
    and 9:00-18:00 on Saturday.

    Initial membership fee

    The amount equivalent of one month of fee


    The amount equivalent of two months of fee

    Internet Access

    Free access (wired and wireless)

    Space for guests

    Lounges in Sky Place and Main Office (with up to 4 people)
    Free up to 4 hours per day , unlimited number of times per room
    *When extending , 2,200 yen for one guest
    *Manned reception hours only

    Meeting room charge

    General charge: 6,600 yen per hour
    Membership charge: 4,400 yen per hour

  • Co-working Place Membership

    The members can use any space of Sky Place Lounge.


    33,000 yen per month
    One-day use is available with 4,400 yen.

    The number of Seats

    95 (3F) / 113 (4F)

    Available time

    9:00-22:00 (Monday to Friday)
    9:00-18:00 (Saturday)

    Initial membership fee

    The amount equivalent of one month of fee


    The amount equivalent of two months of fee

    Internet Access

    Free Wi-Fi available

    Space for guests

    Sky Place (with up to 4 people)
    1,100yen up to 4 hours per day for one guest
    *When extending , 2,200 yen for one guest
    *Manned reception hours only

    Meeting room charge

    4,400 yen per hour

    One Day Use

    4,400 yen per day

Outstanding Services and Facilities

The working place provides you with a wide variety of top-notch services and facilities such as a staffed reception desk that offers quality services as secretary, lounges and meeting rooms, coffee service, and a mini-library.

  • Reception desk

  • Meeting room

  • Mini-Library

A Variety of Business Support Services

We offer you a variety of facilities and services to support your business.

  • Corporate Registration

    All the members can register their corporations with the address of Allamanda Aoyama. We help you register your business in Japan.

  • Security System

    The office space is secured with a door locking system. We provide you an IC card for the entrance and exit of the office/building.

  • Concierge Service

    Our skillful concierges help assist your guests, handle phone calls, and support whatever you need in your business.

  • Postal Mail Handling

    We receive the postal mails addressed to you and put them into your mail box.

  • Package/Parcel Handling

    We receive the packages and parcels addressed to you.

  • Your Own Telephone Number

    You can have a dedicated telephone number (landline) for your business. Phone assistance and secretary services are available upon request.

  • Free Internet Service

    You can use free Wi-Fi service in all areas in the office. You can also use free LAN service in the main office.

  • Mini-Library

    You can enjoy reading carious books and magazines of business and other areas.

  • Free Usage of Office Equipment

    You can use several types of office equipment such as a cutting machine and a shredder free of charge.

Optional Services

  • Conference rooms

    You can use a conference room with reservation.

  • Your Corporate Name Plate at the Entrance

    We put your corporate name plate on the board of the entrance.

  • Multifunctional Printer/Copier/Scanner

    You can use a multifunctional printer/copier/scanner.

  • In-house Lockers

    You can use in-house lockers for your computers and other things.
    *Lockers can be provided with a monthly contract.

  • Laundry service

    The staff members at Hotel Allamanda Aoyama will clean your clothes upon your request.

  • Car Parking

    You can use a car parking space at the Hotel Allamanda Aoyama by the hourly or monthly contract base.

  • Located in Aoyama,
    Excellent place to Access to All Business Areas in Tokyo

    The excellent location offers great access to public transit: a one-minute walk to Gaien-mae Station, and a nine-minute walk to Aoyama-itchome Station, where you can catch the Ginza, Hanzomon, and Oedo subway lines. A train ride of 15 minutes or less will get you to or from Tokyo, Shibuya, and Ginza stations, making this location ideal for commuting, as well as trips to and from the office.

    2-7-13 Kita Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
    1-min walk to Gaien-mae Station (Ginza Line)
    5-min walk to Aoyama-itchome Station (Ginza, Hanzomon, and Oedo Lines)

  • Allamanda Aoyama will offer you the authenticity and grace.

    The town of Aoyama is a well-known place of authenticity and grace in Tokyo. You can see a variety of superb shops, cutting-edge fashions, and traditional Japanese cultures, and also feel the change of four seasons in the town.

    Allamanda Aoyama, one of the most luxurious shared working places in Japan, will offer you the authenticity, grace, and prestige when you do business in Tokyo.

Allamanda Aoyama Offers You More.

Allamanda Aoyama provides you with various services beyond the scope of business, which bring you a brand new working style in business.


    We have prepared the three types of guest room: Royal Sweet with the space of 142 square meters, Stadium Sweet where you can view Chichibunomiya Rugby Stadium, and Standard Room where you can relax in a single stay. All the rooms are furnished with the design of authenticity and modernity.



    Allamanda Work Court provides you with various kinds of top-notch athletic facilities for your fitness life: an indoor pool with four 25-meter lanes, an athletic gym with the most advanced workout equipment, a studio of yoga and stretch, a golf practice range, and oxygen capsules.


Contact us about Allamanda Work Court


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